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Please keep in mind that American Legal Publishing Corporation is a legal publishing company. The purpose of our support staff is to answer questions related to the operation of our website.  Our technical support staff does not provide legal advice regarding the content of a particular code. If you have questions about a code’s content, please contact the appropriate municipality or county directly for that information.

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This site supports all current browsers. Keep in mind that different browsers may interpret and display websites in slightly different ways and in some cases, this may result in aesthetic or functional differences when viewing or using the web site or code library.

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Note: The Bookmark flags utilized within the Code Library may have trouble displaying accurately in some browsers. If you experience difficulty in obtaining a URL link for a title, chapter or section, you may wish to try an alternate browser. Additionally, the staff at American Legal Publishing would be happy to assist you.

Using the Code Library

The Code Library exists first and foremost as a research tool. Please contact your local municipality if you have any questions related to the specific content that you see. While American Legal Publishing codifies and hosts materials for municipalities, our support staff is not able to provide the general public with legal interpretations of the code materials.

Searching the Code Library

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Printing Material from the Code Library

Print a chapter or section using the Print icon on the website. This option will display a series of boxes that can be checked to ensure you print only the material you want.

Print a selection of text by highlighting the appropriate text in the document frame and using your web browser’s print function. After highlighting the text you wish to print, either select “Print” from the “File” menu or press “CTRL+P” to access the Print Dialog Box. Under “Print Range”, choose “Selection” and the highlighted text will print.

To print large tables from the website, use the Print feature on the website to choose the chapter or section. The Print preview screen may show the tables in a scrolling format, however once printed, the tables will appear in full.

Important Note: Be aware that some chapters can be quite large so before printing an entire chapter, we suggest using your browser’s “Print Preview…” feature on the “File” menu to make sure that you are printing exactly what you want.

Email/Save Material from the Code Library

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How do I navigate in a code online? Use the Table of Contents in the left frame and click on the plus sign (+) or the minus sign (-) next to any entry to either expand or collapse the Table of Contents as needed.

I received a traffic citation and need to know what it means. Where can I find the information on the website? Municipalities may reference a code section or chapter on the citation. You can put this section or chapter reference into the Quick Search box or use the Table of Contents to see where it appears in the code. If you do not have a specific reference, try using keywords associated with your question. For example, if the citation deals with “parking” you may wish to use keywords such as: parking; parked car; illegal parking.

My neighbor’s dog is making too much noise. Where can I find the information about animals or barking dogs? Many municipalities group provisions dealing with animals into the same chapter or title of a code. You can use the Quick Search box to perform a keyword search on your topic, using words such as: barking dog; noise; dog; animal.

I need to know what a piece of property is zoned as. How can I find the zoning designation? Contact your municipalities Zoning or Planning Department. While many codes contain specific information pertaining to zoning designations, American Legal Publishing is unable to assist you with determining what the existing zoning designation might be. Once you know the zoning designation, you can use the Quick or Advanced Search options to conduct a keyword search for the zoning district. Many municipalities place this material within the Zoning or Land Use title of their code, sometimes separated out by type for easier navigation.

I need to see the actual ordinance that amends a section of the code. How can I find it online? American Legal Publishing codifies ordinances provided by the municipality. If you know the ordinance number you can use the Quick or Advanced Search options to search for it. However, this will only show you the text as it has been added to the code. If you need a copy of the exact legislation you should contact your Municipality directly to request it.

My municipality recently passed legislation but I can’t find it online. Can you help?  Most codes contained within the Code Library are only as current as the material that the municipality has provided to us. You can check to see how current a code is by looking at the first page. All codes should indicate the last piece of legislation received along with a date of passage or adoption, if known. This information tells you how up-to-date a code is. If you are looking for material passed by legislation more current than this, please contact your Municipality to obtain a copy.

Can I search the Code Library using a mobile device? Yes, the Code Library automatically recognizes the type of device you are using and provides the appropriate view. Note that the display may appear slightly differently than that used on a desktop or laptop computer. Printing material from the Code Library is not an option when using a mobile device.

I’d like to purchase the Robert’s Rules of Order product but I use an Apple computer or iPad. Can I use this product on these devices? No, the Robert’s Rules of Order product is only intended for use on a Windows computer. Some users have been able to run the product on an Apple computer using an Emulator program; however, there is no way to guarantee this will work for everyone. IPads and other tablets rely on Apps in order to run programs. At this time there is no App in existence for the Robert’s Rules of Order product.

I’d like to purchase a Folio Views CD of my municipality’s code, but I use an Apple computer, iPad or tablet. Can I use this product on these devices? No, the Folio Views software is only intended for use on a Windows computer. IPads and other tablets rely on Apps in order to run programs. At this time there is no App in existence for the Folio Views products.

Can I translate the website into another language?  Yes, the site and some of the Code Library can be translated using Google Translate. A “bug” appears on pages that have this option. Select the language that you wish to translate the site to. Note that searching the code library must be done in English.

Can I set a bookmark Favorite to a specific code section or chapter that I use frequently? Yes, you can set a link in your Favorites list by using the yellow FLAG icon that appears next to a chapter or section title. Clicking the flag will display a URL with an option to Bookmark. This Bookmark will be set in your Favorites list. Note: Google Chrome browser does not allow the bookmark option to work correctly. You can try to either copy/paste the URL into your Favorites List, or use an alternative browser to set the bookmark and then import it into Chrome.

My municipality has their Meeting Minutes hosted online. How do I search these documents? You can search the online minutes using the Quick Search field. Minutes available in PDF format utilize the Adobe Acrobat platform and search functions.

Is there a list of ordinances not yet codified into a code that I can view?  Some municipalities do have a list of ordinances not yet codified posted online.  This will usually appear as a link on the first page and will be called Advanced Legislative Service, New Ordinances, or something similar.

I’m trying to access a code but I’m getting an error message or it’s loading a different code than what I chose. How can I get the code I need to come up?

  1. Check your browser’s privacy settings (under Tools, Internet Options in the IE browser). Our site requires that the use of certain cookies to function properly. If your privacy level is set too high, your browser will not accept cookies so our site cannot function correctly. The site will work when the privacy setting is set anywhere from “Low” to “Medium High”, but it will NOT work if set to “High” or above.
  2. Clear out your computer’s temporary memory. Old cached files can occasionally cause problems when accessing the site. We recommend that you regularly clear out your temporary internet files and your cookies. Here are instructions for doing this in Internet Explorer 6.0 and later: (1) Open the “Internet Options” from your browser’s “Tools” menu. (2) Delete the “Cookies” and the “Temporary Internet Files” using the buttons. (3) Close and re-open your browser to try to access the site again. Please note: some later versions of IE have an option to “Preserve Favorites website data”; this should be UNCHECKED before cookies are deleted. Leaving this checked may result in other errors associated with the website.