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American Legal Publishing currently hosts online more than 1,900 codes, meeting minutes and other documents for municipalities, counties and other organizations.

Take a look at our Code Library to see how our online hosting services work.

We can place your code and other documents on the Internet so citizens, law firms, contractors and other interested parties can locate the information they need quickly and easily.

Below are just some of the features provided with online codes:

Online Features

American Legal Publishing

PC, Tablet, Smart Phone versions

Version for PC;

ADA Compliant View, and

Mobile View available for mobile devices.

Multiple Search formats

1. Quick Search Box

2. Advanced Search Template

3. Boolean Search Field

Automatic Stem Searches

(finds plurals of words)

Dog finds dog and dogs

Fence finds fence, fences, fencing and fenced

Synonym Searches

Grass finds grass, turf, lawn

Garbage finds garbage, litter, trash, rubbish

Continuous Next Hit feature

You can navigate through all hits without having to go back to the Results List for each chapter

Table of Contents expands

View and navigate the TOC while also viewing code text

Download text in multiple file choices from the web

Can download into RTF (MS Word), HTML, TXT, PDF, MOBI and EPUB  (can also use copy/paste feature)

Email text in multiple file choices from the web

Can email in RTF (MS Word), HTML and TXT

Cross-references hyperlinked

Cross-references to other sections, including Penalty references are hyperlinked

Color Graphics

Yes – if provided in color by the City

Bookmarks and Static Links to specific sections can be set

Ability to bookmark and set links to titles, chapter or individual sections in the code

Scrolling tables – static header

The titles of table columns remain visible as you scroll through tables

Electronic format

Online document flows uninterrupted; no page breaks or page numbers to interrupt the text

Definition Links (optional)

Defined terms in the code can be hyperlinked directly to their definition

Links to new Ordinances within code section histories or Ordinance list (optional)

As new ordinances are added to the code section history list, links to the original ordinance can be set

Advance Legislation Notice (optional)

Ordinances not yet codified listed with link to full text of ordinances in List or Notice at beginning of chapter

Archived Codes (optional)

Prior code versions stored online

Custom Banner (optional)

Seal or logo posted at code site or complete banner from municipality’s website can be used

Search over 1,000 municipal codes

Free access to all codes we publish online; no need to subscribe to any service

Online help features

Use online help features or contact our technical service reps via email or toll-free phone number

If you don’t see a feature you want, just ask!

American Legal Publishing Website Demonstration on Vimeo.

CD Publishing

American Legal can provide electronic versions of your code on CD and on the web.  We use the award winning Folio VIEWS program to make your code completely accessible and searchable.  We can also provide the code in MS Word,  WordPerfect and PDF.

It makes your information manageable.  Folio gives users complete control over information.  It keeps users in touch with the overall structure of the information they access.  It makes large volumes of information manageable and helps users find answers fast – regardless of how large the document is.

It makes information more valuable. Folio lets users do more than just browse – they can personalize the information, using electronic highlighters, bookmarks and notes to make the information even more valuable.

It allows for easy, focused searching. With Folio, you can search your entire code or focus your search on individual chapters or titles. You can even search within your highlighters and marginal notes. With this control, users find the right answers quickly, instead of wandering through mountains of search results.