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Printing and



As part of American Legal’s complete codification program we offer:

•    Code printing and distribution services

•    Subscription and marketing services for codes

In-house printing provides quick service and quality control

America Legal Codification Services

Printing and Distribution

Our in-house printing department allows us to quickly respond to your needs for printed copies of your code and supplement pages.  Ring binders and durable loose leaf pages make it easy to insert and remove only the pages changed within an update, providing cost savings and eliminating the need to reprint entire chapters or the entire code.

Pamphlets for specific code materials, such as Zoning or Subdivision Codes, or Traffic, or General Offenses are also available.

America Legal Codification Services

Custom Binders and Tabs

Our standard binders are navy blue with gold embossed municipality name. However, binders can be provided in custom colors and ring sizes, including D-ring, post, or swing-hinge for additional charges.

America Legal Codification Services

Subscription and Marketing Services

We offer the general public, including law firms, libraries, engineers, inspectors, and other associated officials, the ability to purchase codes in print or digital format. We can market your code to relevant parties upon request. Annual code subscriptions provide access to all supplemental updates published to the code.