An alternative to expensive and complicated imaging systems

Now scanning, storing and retrieving your meeting minutes can be easy and cost-efficient. Online Meeting Minutes Solutions are designed specifically for Clerks who want to provide simple access to their minutes without having to set up and maintain complex, in-house managing systems. This innovative Internet based  solution provides users with quick access to searchable meeting minutes, without requiring you to buy new software or hardware and without having to pay expensive annual maintenance fees.

What does this mean for you?

Online Meeting Minutes Solutions offers the following benefits to your local government:

No software or hardware to buy

Unlike most other document imaging systems, we eliminate the need to buy computer programs by hosting your minutes on our secure Internet servers. All you need is an internet connection and Adobe Reader to be able to search, view, and print your minutes.

Control Costs

We give you a choice of letting us create the minutes database from start to finish, or you can choose to perform some tasks yourself. If you can provide the electronic files to us using our standards, you will further reduce your costs. There are no yearly support or maintenance fees.

Ease-of-use and accessibility

Our hosting service only requires that you have a Web browser in order to access the minutes; so, the need for expensive training is eliminated.

A simple, yet powerful solution

By combining the flexibility of Adobe Acrobat PDF files, and the powerful searching capabilities of the award- winning NXT Internet publishing software, we have designed a user-friendly solution that provides full-text storage with quick and easy access to your minutes. Once implemented, the Online Meeting Minutes Solutions will give you instant access to any word, phrase, name, or number that appears in your minutes. The service provides many search options and the minutes are also organized by date, with a table of contents that makes navigating your minutes a simple task.

Retains Original layout

Retains the original layout and formatting Signatures, formatting, graphics, and all other text appearing in the original minutes are retained by the PDF files. This means that documents can be viewed and printed in their original condition.


Minutes can be added to the website at any time, allowing you to supply content at your pace. Start with recent minutes now and go forward, or make it even more valuable as a research tool by adding older minutes over time. Theres no limit!